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Better Days

Times are hard right now and no one gives a shit about me so I'm gonna do what I do best and that's drink and spend money a few bucks here and a few bucks there I'm trying to get my kicks running around I'm no fucking angel I think I'm gonna be sick and poor me another one and don't you stop cause this is my idea of fun I guess that there's been better days here cause all I want to do is drink MORE BEER (chorus) Been better days, been better days around here better days, been better days been better days And for all it's worth I still got my friends and you know they feel the same way and when we get together and start havin fun you might not want to stay go to a party and we'll take it over but only if they have any beer but the keg is dry and there ain't no females hey boys we're out of here So we threw down their guitars kicked one of the bastards down the stairs we're getting kind of crazy things ain't goin our way oh I guess that theres been better days


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