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Dave Harris

Joe Harris

Rob Faulkner

Craig Bolton


Lead Guitar






The Traditionals

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA (working class capitol of the world), the band was formed in the summer of 1997.  

The original lineup consisted of; Dave Harris on lead guitar, Joe Harris on Skins, Donovan Greenaway on vocals, Craig Bolton on Bass, and Matt Massocco on Rhythm guitar.  A six-song demo came about out of this line up.  

Shortly after the demo’s release, Matt moved out of town and was replaced by Rick Janus.  

With this lineup the Traditionals recorded a 12 song CD entitled No Choice, in 1998.  

During this period the Traditionals played gigs with the likes of Dropkick Murphy’s, Oxymoron, UK Subs, Patriot, and many other big street punk bands of the day.

Being one of the first of their kind in Pittsburgh, the Traditionals went over well with the working class crowd in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chapel Hill NC, New York, and New Jersey.  

The band went on an East Coast Tour in the summer of 99.  

Soon after, Gmm records offered a record deal for a full-length e.p. and a spot on the 2000 & 2001 Beer Olympics, however after being frustrated with delays the band decided to look for other record label prospects.

The combination of frustration and conflicts of musical interests between Donovan and the rest of the band led to Rob Faulkner replacing Donovan on vocals in fall of 2001.  

Nine months later, after playing a number of shows with the likes of BeerZone, Vibrators, and many local gigs, the new line up recorded five songs.  

Soon after in September of 2002, The Traditionals played the heavily anticipated Holidays in the Sun in Asbury Park NJ.  The show was an opportunity to play with the bands that were major influences to the band through the years, and gain the exposure of many new fans. 

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