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Pittsburgh, PA


These are the Pics

ADICTS.jpg (31092 bytes)

The Adicts

Beer olympics pic.jpg (132617 bytes)

Beer Olympics

brothers.jpg (43206 bytes)


Clockwork Duck.jpg (113040 bytes)

Clockwork Duck

Dave and Lynda Wedding picture.jpg (36340 bytes)

Dave & Lynda Wedding

Dave in 1990.jpg (32849 bytes)

Dave in 1990

donovan and steve.jpg (14478 bytes)

Donovan & Steve

Donovan zack fry and ben.jpg (426182 bytes)

Donavan, Zack, Fry, & Ben

fertitta going away.jpg (38695 bytes)

Fertitta going away

fry's steel town drawing.jpg (284722 bytes)

Fry's steel town drawing

HITS Drinkin' Bands.jpg (16827 bytes)

HITS Drinkin' Bands


HITS Harris Bros.jpg (21742 bytes)

HITS Harris Bros


iris, craig , and jack.jpg (47177 bytes)

Iris, Craig, & Jack


Joe and troy.jpg (51826 bytes)

Joe & Troy


Loaded at HITS.jpg (21891 bytes)

Loaded @ HITS


me on the drums.jpg (78755 bytes)

Dave on the drums


Natural born skinhead.jpg (25010 bytes)

Natural Born Skinhead


NYC Mike & BEER.jpg (32425 bytes)

NYC Mike & Beer

Rick and Danny.jpg (27257 bytes)

Rick & Danny


sussed in 94.jpg (41840 bytes)

Sussed in '94


Sussed in 95.jpg (69717 bytes)

Sussed in '95


sussed in 96.jpg (59676 bytes)

Sussed in '96


Trad band pic at Hits.jpg (29152 bytes)

Traditionals @ HITS


Traditionals 1999.jpg (19479 bytes)

Traditionals 1999


Wekend Warriors at HITS.jpg (40028 bytes)

Weekend Warriors @ HITS


WVCREW.jpg (49868 bytes)



Be all you can be.jpg (239937 bytes)


Bowlin in the burgh.jpg (115279 bytes)

Bowlin in the Burgh

BowlingJoe1.jpg (77898 bytes)

Bowlin Joe

Dave on Tv.jpg (7980 bytes)

Dave on TV

Image016.jpg (62406 bytes)

Skip & Geordie

Image020.jpg (93918 bytes)

Geordie & Stephanie

Iron city collage.jpg (228627 bytes)

Iron City Collage

Joe and Emily.jpg (107721 bytes)

Joe & Emily

ludwig.jpg (349455 bytes)


Oi!.jpg (106942 bytes)


party in n.jpg (66293 bytes)

party in n

Party pic sean,frey,john.jpg (287042 bytes)

party: Sean, Fry, John

Rick and Danny.jpg (27257 bytes)

Rick & Danny

Rick and Matt from Dropkicks.jpg (26796 bytes)

Rick & Matt from Dropkicks

Rick and the Templars.jpg (34849 bytes)

Rick & The Templars

Rick Wattie and Iain.jpg (38346 bytes)

Rick, Wattie, & Iain

Rob and the Beerzone boys.jpg (21332 bytes)

Rob & the Beerzone Boys

Rob and Tina at Hits.jpg (14875 bytes)

Rob & Tina

Rob up close and personal.jpg (50289 bytes)

Rob: Up close & Personal

The Sussed 2003.jpg (678311 bytes)

The Sussed 2003

Rob.jpg (276033 bytes)


sean and Rebecca.jpg (389205 bytes)

Sean & Rebecca

Zach.jpg (413979 bytes)



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