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Steel town

This city was built on the sweat of the working class

The rich only see us as unnecessary trash

Our mills built this country and protected us in war

They shut down the mills left millions poor


Itís hard to earn a living so hard to get ahead

Is the working class movement dead?

More jobs have been taken, is anyone around

They tore the steel mills down


Some people think economy and clean air was the goal

Imported sweat shop steel definitely played a role

They think they have made it better but they got it all wrong

The working class built this country thatís what made us strong


The pride of the city can never go away

There has to be an up rise in this day and age

High society has no future for you

We are still the many they are still the few


They canít take us down

No they canít take the steel town down

They wonít take us down

No they wonít take the steel town down


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